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I stumbled upon Debby's blog and thought I might join the fun to put up my favourite five Christmas makes.
Easy peasy!

Penguin Make
I fell in love with this adorable penguin stamp from Stampendous which I discovered in Cardmaking & Papercraft's last year's Quick Makes. This design even won me a crafty prize.

Hunkydory Freebie Shaker
I went shaker mad this year, but it is a lot of fussy work if you work with acetate sheets. Luckily, I now discovered acetate shaker pouches of which I have already ordered a few and I can't wait for them to arrive!

Bling Bling
I also made a lot of cards in a box which are real quick makes, believe it or not! This is my favourite one and we gave it to my hubby's parents.

Back to the cute little penguin, here is my first go at a never ending card. It was a lot of trial and error!

Last but not least another card in a box with poinsettia dies

I've got some new magazine freebies to try over the next couple of weeks... and testing the shaker pouches, too! Just need to get lots of micro beads and sequins to fill them.

Happy crafting and enjoy the New Year's Celebrations!

Coming up...


Keep your eyes peeled for Papercraft Essentials Issue 116 and my Tiny Tatty Teddy dĂ©coupage designs:

This month's issue comes with adorable Bebunni papers and stamps. I have someone special in mind who would love to receive a Birthday Bunny card. Just need to find the right inspiration as I would like to try a new card technique with it.

Christmas Basket


I'm back with my last Christmas make for this year, a Christmas basket! We had a quiet one this year as my hubby and I don't make much fuss about it. I find that Christmas has changed so much since I was little that it has lost its magic.

My crafty friend Diane came around on Boxing Day and she had made us this stunning Christmas card. Over time, we have gathered quite a collection of her handmade cards and I think we should frame our favourite ones and put them up on the wall. I made her a card and this basket which was inspired on Jo Nevill's Harvest Festival ideas in Cardmaking & Papercraft issue 135. Would you believe that it was made from a 9"x9" piece of white cardstock? I used paper leftovers from Wild Rose Studio's Frosted Lace and made a handle with blue paper which I then stitched. I attached a snowflake hanging on a piece of thread with tape and decorated the basket with little bells and ribbons. For the inside, I used shredded tissue paper.

I thought this makes a cute little basket to fill with small presents, vouchers or even sweets.

Just before Christmas, we had to put our cat Jess to sleep. She was 18 years old. Luckily, we have so many happy memories of her and tons of pictures which I took of her this summer when I started with photography. She will be missed.

I'm doing magazine work right now which will keep me busy for days to come and then I need to start thinking about birthdays again. We have some very special celebrations coming up next year, including my aunt's 50th and my mother-in-law 60th birthday!

Enjoy your New Year's Celebrations!

Bella on Bauble


I'm down to the last small batch of Christmas cards. I had completely missed checking the last posting dates for Christmas mail. We have friends live in Canada and the US, so let's hope our cards reach them still this year!

We received our first Christmas cards. Things have definitely changed over the years. I see a lot of photo cards made on the computer. I guess everybody likes to add a personal touch, but I'm always a little sad to see that most of these cards don't leave room for a personal message. So a lot of people get the same card with the same printed message. We had thought about using photos for this year's Christmas greetings as my hubby is a photographer, but I much more like the thought that everyone of our friends and family gets a unique card with a personal message.

So here is another go at a never ending card. It was a lot of trial and error again. No matter how precisely I thought I cut and scored the paper to make the base card, it took me a lot of time to put it together so that it opens up easily. We stopped at my local craft shop yesterday and I picked up two Wild Rose Studio Christmas stamps, Bella on Bauble and Mouse on Bauble. I thought these might disappear in my stash until next Christmas but instead decided to use them for this Christmas card.

I used a glaze pen to go over the baubles which you can see on this picture. I didn't have much light so I didn't see what I was doing. Only noticed this morning when I took the pictures. Oh well...

Hope you are getting your cards done in time. Enjoy your crafty weekend!

A Christmas miracle


Come Saturday, I'll be sitting at our dining table again to hopefully get the last few Christmas cards done in time. I don't think I'll make it and I might be in for a couple of crafty night shifts during the week, but should everything be finished by Sunday evening... let's call it a Christmas miracle!

The table has been in a mess for a week, too lazy to pack up and carry all my stuff upstairs, only to get it out again on Saturday morning. I'm always on a creative high on Sunday evening and my mind is buzzing with new ideas that I barely find any sleep.

I used the poinsettia dies from last year's Christmas makes for this card in a box. Instead of choosing a sentiment, I simply added a bow with heart button in the centre... Whatever I could find in my stash! The back of the card has got a greeting panel as done on all of my cards in a box. I glued to strips of acetate to the back of each flower as shown on the snowflake card since the die cuts tend to be heavy and I want them to stand up straight.

Et voilĂ ...

Sooo looking forward to the weekend!

Bling Bling


Back to my Christmas boxes which I love making right now. I'm always excited when I try something new so I make many cards with the same technique until I get tired of it. My favourite techniques last year were iris folding and paper weaving. This year, I discovered shakers and now it's the card in a box and neverending card that got me all hooked.

For this card, I used Stampendous Snowflake Trio rubber stamps and matching dies, Trimcraft's Gilded Winter and my favourite sentiments of all time. I like adding gemstones and pearls to my cards and the snowflakes here are decorated with lots of bling.

I stamped the snowflakes onto heavy cardstock (300 gsm). I secured them firmly in place by attaching two 1.5cm wide acetate strips in the back, then adding glue to the inside of the strips (only glue the loose ends) and sliding these over the "supports" (supports are the white strips inside the box on this picture):

If you use only one acetate strip, the snowflakes will be pulled down because of the weight. Enough talking. Here is what the end result looks like:

I'm hoping to get all Christmas cards ready by Sunday. Fingers crossed!

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