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Back from our adventures in the Middle East and I thought why not post a picture that sums up our holiday:

Lots of goats everywhere in Oman! I love animals and we had to photograph every single one of them we encountered, so there will be a lot of goat pictures to remind us of our holiday. Oman is such a beautiful place and this picture was taken at the "Grand Canyon" Jebel Shams. The Omani people were very relaxed. Lots to see and to discover. We are already talking of going back next year. Also spent three days in Dubai, re-visited our favourite sights and places and took it easy. Arriving in Muscat, we were told that our luggage had not made it... despite checking in three hours before the flight... and we didn't get it back until we went to the airport the next day. Let me tell you, you only feel half human with what little you've got in your checked luggage!

Papercraft Essentials Issue 118 is out with my feature on iris folding. I'm so happy! Two of my designs were recently picked by Cardmaking & Papercraft and I got sent a crafty prize:

It didn't take long before our dining table was covered with cardmaking material and I'm now making something different than cards or boxes which I will post here next week. It's a suprise!

So come back soon to check out my cute little projects.

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  1. Well Done nicki on getting picked to be magazine favorite projects!! They look wonderful too and so much detail. all the best


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