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It must be my lucky day since the laptop is working! I have been on a digital diet ever since it went on strike last week. Still, I'm hopeful and I switch it on everyday to see what happens... and nothing does.

Usually, I would spend every minute of this bank holiday weekend inside, sitting at our dining table full of cardmaking stuff, but I decided to take a little break. Instead, I'll be going through my pile of magazines, making a wish list of things I must have and looking for new ideas. Lately, I have been making iris folding designs using up bonus papers from different magazines.

Designer Julie Kirk's feature on Paper Patchwork in this month's Papercraft Inspirations (issue 138) caught my attention. I still had to make a card for a friend's 30th birthday and decided to try the paper patchwork technique to make this simple design. Honestly, I don't think he'd be thrilled to find a reminder of his age on his birthday card, a beer mug or a sports theme...

So here is my design, which I think has a bit of feminine touch but let's hope he won't see it the same way.

Here is the clever idea behind it: The paper strips are not woven. I cut six strips of 21 x 3 cm (three different papers) and glued them onto A4 card, then cut horizontal strips and placed them diagonally across a square piece of card. I had a small piece left which I attached on the left hand side with a sentiment on top.

The best thing about this card... it was made with freebies!

Enjoy your bank holiday weekend!
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