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Yep, this post is about luggage! I discovered Carolyne Knott's shaped gift boxes in Cardmaking & Papercraft issue 141 and thought they'd be fun to make. I made one for my hubby who was just returning from a month of travelling and put a voucher inside. The other suitcase was for my friend Diane who always comes around with little handmade gifts. I had picked small shells on the beach in Oman for her cardmaking. I was glad that the smell was gone by the time I wrapped them up, you don't want to know what they smelled like coming right out of the sea!

Then there was the story with our lost luggage the minute we arrived in Muscat. We spent 1.5 days with what little we had stuffed into our checked luggage. I don't mind if I get it with the next flight, but that did not happen... a lot of waiting and calls to the airport until I'd had enough and we took the cab to the airport, only to find out that our luggage had been waiting for hours instead of being sent to the hotel.

So here are my two suitcases. What a fab idea and all you really need is paper and a scoring board. I decided to hand stitch the thin strips that go around the luggage.

Are these cute or what...?


Happy Easter Holiday everyone!

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  1. Mine was the best present I have ever had Nicki !! The case is beautifully made and I adore the shells inside !! Thank you so much.....

    hugs Diane xx


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