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Autumn seems to be at our doorstep. We had a massive temperature drop from Friday to Saturday that our central heating came on by itself! I much more prefer the colder season and I've always loved autumn in particular. The trees sparkle in warm, golden colours and the world feels so much quieter. My favourite celebration of the year is Halloween. We lived in Ireland for many years and with Halloween being an Irish tradition, people make a lot of fuss about it. In our neighbourhood, almost every window was decorated, pumpkins were lit up and even the supermarkets received a Halloween makeover! I really miss the atmosphere.

Time to share my last iris folding design with you. I made this one using the bonus papers from Quick Cards Made Easy. This card worked out differently than what I first had in mind as I wanted to use colourful papers instead. In my stash was a pack of Kraft card which made me scratch my head and think why I'd bought it. It's a great contrast to the soft colours of the papers and I think they work well together.

Hope that some of you will give iris folding a try! Why not have a look at my "Iris Folding" designs under the "Design" link on top of my blog? Templates can be downloaded here.
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