A Fresh Start


Spring is here which means time for new beginnings and... Spring Clean! While we haven't done much of the cleaning itself, we've been busy with de-cluttering, selling unwanted stuff on eBay, dropping off bags at the charity shops and doing weekly tours to the recycling centre.

While it's been suspiciously quiet on my blog, I've been working furiously through the nights to make new designs for the magazines. To be honest, I needed a break, too, from my everyday crafting. I haven't made any cards for friends and family since January and missed a couple of birthdays in March. Never mind!

World Craft Week starts tomorrow but before I share my first project, here are pictures of my new craft desk:

Something I've been dreaming of for so long... I always envied other crafters whenever I saw pictures of their craft space, but I wanted something different. No way I was going to fill an entire room with craft items!

Everything I own fits nicely into the cupboard and three drawers of the desk. As you can guess, that isn't a lot! I don't keep things for long. Instead, I sort out used items every month for sale on eBay and buy new stuff from the money I make. If I need anything new, that is.

All of my stash used to be in rather ugly plastic boxes, including small items which I always need within my reach. Now they have their own dedicated space in cute little pen pots!

I love this slide-out keyboard drawer which I use to store my coloured card. It's so handy instead of having it scattered across the table!

This is my entire work space. There's no room to make any mess. I might go for a smaller die-cutting machine though. The big one really isn't handy although it still does the job.

At the moment, I make a lot with coloured card instead of patterned papers so I think there are about four paper pads in my drawer! It's one way of saving space.

Last but not least, I wanted a black/white picture from the Middle East to remind me of our travels. This one shows the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi which we visited in 2014.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!
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  1. Well done! The desk looks like a work of art in itself. I love the idea of selling on ebay and then buying new.


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