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I recently found this beautiful quote about children: "Children fill a gap in your life which you didn't even know existed." It's hard to put into words how my life has made a 180 degree turn since our daughter was born. Ellie is now almost 16 months old. Having a child changed our lives, and then again it didn't. We might have different priorities now and our daily routine changed but we still do what we did before Ellie was born.

There's definitely less time for crafting now as Ellie keeps me busy all day and in the evening I like to unwind with a book. I know that I won't get anything done if I sit at my craft desk in the evening. The only exception are commissions from magazines. I can only accept a few every month and I don't know how on earth other designers manage their workload and deadlines. I work through the night on Saturdays and Sundays but during the week I can't due to my early shift in the shop. So you see, there isn't much time anymore to make cards for our family and friends.

My hubby asked me to make a special card for his mum. Whenever I don't have much time or inspiration, I go back to iris folding. I made similar designs like this one before. I still like to think it's special as not everyone has seen iris folding before. I'd love to hear or read from other crafters who also specialise in iris folding but most of you seem to be into stamping!

Here's my birthday card for my mother-in-law featuring free papers from Making Cards June edition:

Here's another one I also made with free papers from Making Cards magazine. I really wanted the colourful floral papers to pop and put them against a black and beige background. Beige is not a colour I'd usually pick but I have lots of coloured cardstock at the moment.

All you need to make these cards are some basic square dies, oval dies and a pretty die to use as a stopper. I've recently bought this cute heart border for a commission and thought it was perfect for my easel cards. You can find the products used in "Labels" on top of this post.

A long way


Back in 2011 when I discovered cardmaking, my first batch of Christmas cards featured Tatty Teddy d├ęcoupage designs. They were simple cards but I remember how proud I was when they were finished. I printed pictures of my first designs and put them into small photo albums which I took with me whenever we visited our family abroad. My mum, aunts, mother-in-law and colleagues started ordering handmade cards from me. Eventually I'd approach a little tea room which we always visited with a box of cards for sale. They only picked a few which was a big disappointment but weeks later I saw one of their customers look at the handmade cards on offer and she picked one of mine. I was so thrilled!

Over the years, I've met some very talented designers who make a living out of crafting. One lady in Romania is busy all year around making wedding stationary. Another one is selling simple but beautiful handmade jewellery at markets. Amazingly, she supports her family with it. Others teach crafting or run an etsy shop. The sad truth is that you'll never be paid for the time that goes into creating something unique. But if you ask me, turning your artistic hobby into a profession beats working 9 - 5 in an office!

Back to d├ęcoupage and these two sweet flower designs I made for Papercraft inspirations. They feature Santoro's dreamy Kori Kumi collection which I loved working with.

While I don't have any new cards to share with you, I'm busy working on commissions. Some of my upcoming features this month will be in Cardmaking & Papercraft (die-cut Father's Day cards), Simply Cards & Papercraft (new card fold technique) and Papercraft inspirations (Occasion Cards).

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